New 3.7V 2000mAh 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Flashlight LI-Ion Batteries.

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Product Discription

Size :18*650(mm)
Charge voltage:4.2V
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Nominal capacity:2000mAh
Charge current:
Standard Charging::0.5C
Rapid charge:2.0C
Standard Charging method:
current)charge to
4.2V,then CV(constant
voltage 4.2V)charge till
charge current decline
Charging time:
Standard Charging: 3.0hours(Ref.)

Rapid charge:1.5 hours(Ref.)
Max.charge current: 1C(2000mAh)

Max.discharge current:1C(2000mAh)
Maximum continuous discharge current :3A
Instantaneous discharge current:5A or more
Discharge cut-off voltage:2.5V
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature -20℃~ +60℃
Cell Weight Approx:42g ±1g

Product date: 2021
Country of Origin:China

"instructions :

(1)Please check your flashlight can support smooth contact point

(2)Because of the influence of temperature and environment, battery capacity will change, there will be 100-200mAh capacity difference.

(3)1-2PCS battery we use China Post without registration for transportation, can be traced to Russia but no signing information.
If the arrival time has not received the battery, also send us the information for inquiry please .

(4)Never worry about quality when buying from Our store. We make sure you have the latest, greatest cutting-edge battery, every time."

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