36V Battery 10S3P 20Ah 42V 18650 Lithium ion Batteries Pack for E-bike Electric Car Bicycle Motor Scooter with 20A BMS 350W 600W.

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Product Discription

New 36V Battery 10S3P 20Ah 42V 18650 lithium ion battery pack For ebike electric car bicycle motor scooter with 20A BMS 500W Accessories include :(with charger) 1. 36-volt 20ah lithium battery with built-in 20A BMS. Battery parameters: Battery model :36V 20ah Rated capacity (ah): 20000mah Rated voltage (V): 36v Technical description :3.7V 18650 battery Unit combination :3- parallel 10- series Battery size :35* 68 * 300 mm (±2mm) Number of batteries (parallel * series):30. Discharge voltage (V): 30 +/ -1v Charging voltage (V): 42v The rated discharge current (a) : 15 а Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a): 30A Maximum continuous discharge current (A): 15a Charging mode :CC/CV Standard charging current (A): 2A Standard charging current charging time :4h Maximum continuous current charging (A): 5A Quick current charging time :2 hours Charging temperature range :0-45℃ Discharge temperature range :-20-60℃ Battery weight: about 1.5kg The delivery list is sent according to the buyer's choice of package:1.36v 20ah T-Type battery pack*12.36v 20ah XT60-Type battery pack*13.42v 2A charger*14.36v 20ah T - Type battery pack with charger*15.36v 20ah XT60-Type battery pack with charger*1 Life cycle :- Over 500 cycles, capacity and performance decrease as the number of cycles increases. Applications: Electric bicycle, electric scooter, etc. By default, finished products are shipped within 72 hours and custom products are shipped during shipment. Express service providers :PostNL, ePacket, CDEK, DHL, etc. Use high-quality feeds based on shipping addresses. If you want to get the goods faster, please contact the customer service staff through UPS, DHL, FedEx and so on to understand the express channel. Note: - registered parcel weight is limited to 2 kg.If it is over 2 kg, it will be shipped in several packages. - the price does not include customs charges. Notes for battery operation: 1. Do not touch aluminum foil packaging materials with sharp objects, do not bend the top sealing edge, do not open or break the folding edge, do not bend the fragile ear, do not fall, impact or bend the battery, do not use the battery with short circuit or reversed positive and negative electrode at any time. 2. No charge and discharge: it is forbidden for batteries to charge and discharge around inflammable and explosive objects (such as sofa, bedding, cigarette lighter, etc.). 3. Other matters: prevent short circuit in the battery packaging, do not remove the battery, do not put the battery into fire, do not immerse the battery in the liquid (such as water, beverage, juice, coffee), do not replace the protection plate, do not use the damaged (such as: leakage, puncture, bulge, etc.) battery. The power of all products in our store is the real standard. The specific usage time depends on the power consumption of the equipment. 



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